Can I have a fixed price?

In the vast majority of cases we will agree a fixed fee with you.

Do I need to disclose my criminal record?

There are so many matters to consider that we would ask you to call or email us with your specific concerns, but, set out below some preliminary comments.

If your Caution, Conviction or Reprimand has been filtered off this does not need disclosing on job applications.

If a Conviction is filtered off but you then get ANY further Conviction/s the earlier filtered off Conviction will be reinstated and will show on your next Certificate. You would therefore need to disclose these on any job application after the second Conviction.

Filtering off only applies to criminal matters in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland are considering similar schemes.

How does a Police Warning Affect Me?

Warnings can be given by the Police for many offences without your consent. They will be filtered off similarly to Cautions. An Application can be made to remove them.

What can be disclosed on my Enhanced CRB Certificate?

The Police have a discretion to disclosure anything they think is relevant to your job. This can include where you were questioned but never charged, or charged but acquitted. The Police can also disclose behaviour which is not criminal, for example a mental health problem from many years ago.

Will a conviction here affect me if I want to go abroad?

If you wish to emigrate from England or Wales, or need a Visa to go abroad, you will need to disclosure your criminal record. Filtering off only applies for the purposes of employment.

How Many People Are Affected?

The Chief Executive of The Criminal Records Bureau in his annual report confirmed that they carried out 4.3 million criminal records checks and estimated that 130,000 people did not obtain employment because of criminal records disclosure.

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