Autistic young man has reprimand for ABH deleted

10 March 2017

Our client Mr E, acted in self defence to protect his friend, who was about to be punched by an assailant. In retrospect he should not have been reprimanded at all but he and his family were persuaded that if he did not sign this that he would be charged and taken to court. Rather than take the risk of that they signed a reprimand, thinking that it would be off their records in a few years.

In fact he was cautioned for assault occasioning actual bodily harm – ABH – which under present rules would never be filtered off and would appear on all, and every enhanced DBS certificate for working with vulnerable people.

Thankfully, Merseyside Police promptly accepted these and other arguments and deleted this reprimand to allow him pursue his own dreams of joining the police force and helping others.

Mr E says “I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am. I can now pursue the job of my dreams without the weight of this Reprimand hanging over me”.

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