15 June 2017

Our client is an experienced teacher who was working as a locum teacher, moving from school to school as required.
Our client who has a Chinese background brought in Chinese items, including some jackets which 2 of the children put on top of their clothes and which she photographed in full view of the classroom. There was not the slightest hint of any impropriety but apparently this school had a strict policy against taking any photographs in any circumstances of children, and, the matter was reported to LADO and then to NCTL, who opened an investigation to whether or not they should proceed to a full sanctions hearing.

We were able to prepare full representations, pointing out not only that, nothing untoward had happened and that this matter was not serious enough to merit sanctions, but also that this clients 20 minute induction course merely referred to a large series of school policies which applied to working at that school, but without going through each and every policy in detail and so that our client had no idea whatsoever that there was an absolutely strict barring any photographs whatever the circumstances.

Thankfully, NCTL were persuaded of our common sense approach that this matter did not merit any further action whatsoever and our client is now free to return to his profession.

Mr T. comments “thanks very much .You have been a godsend to me”

Unproven allegations, such as this can result in disclosure on enhanced certificates, investigation by DBS into whether or not to bar you as well as investigations by your professions regulators, so that you can face problems on 3 separate fronts so if you have any concerns of this nature please telephone David on (0161) 278 2626 or email him at with details of your enquiry and for our free and confidential initial advice

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