Psychologist cleared of malicious allegation of rape

15 June 2017

Our client is a psychologist who has helped many people deal with constitutional and stress-related problems but 2 years ago his life fell apart as a result of a malicious allegation of rape.

He admits meeting a woman in a club who agreed to come home with him and where there was lots of foreplay but he advises no penetration, primarily because of the amount of alcohol he had drunk that night. In the early morning she left but subsequently alleged that he had forcibly raped her so badly that she was bleeding.

The forensic evidence apparently did not support the view that she had had penetrative sex or that she had been bleeding as a result of that. He was released with no charges against him but when his enhanced DBS certificate was made this disclosed the unproven allegation against him, resulting in him losing his job.

Following a detailed investigation we were able to raise a large number of discrepancies in the complainant’s evidence which discredited her allegation and the Independent Monitor has just reviewed our appeal and ordered that there be a completely clear new certificate issued

Mr M says “So grateful for all your help thank you David”.

Whether charges are brought against you or even if you are acquitted the police have a discretion to seek to disclose unproven allegations on enhanced DBS certificates so if you have such a problem or concern please call David on (0161) 278 2626 or email him at with details of your enquiry for our free and confidential initial advice upon the merits of clearing your name and the way forward.

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