Soldier has Caution removed on appeal to the Information Commissioner on grounds of his PTSD

15 June 2017

Our client was a soldier who as a young man was severely traumatised by what he had seen in Iraq. His condition was not recognised and treated by the army, and upon leave he verbally abused police officers blaming them for killing his friends, and with the result that he was cautioned indefinitely affecting his long-term career prospects.

We appealed to the police, pointing out that whatever his language any objective police officer should have appreciated that our client was not well, unfortunately, although we lodged a great deal of documentation showing the above another legal arguments and his true character both in the army and in his subsequent charitable works, the police did not agree to remove this caution.

We considered that the police had not just reached a decision with which we happened to disagree but had failed to consider evidence that any reasonable police force should have considered in our client’s favour and lodged a complaint to the ICO over this. This resulted in a review by the head of information management for the police force in question who have now decided to clear our client’s name so that he can apply for jobs or further voluntary work without being permanently stigmatised.

Our clients Mr P comments “Thank you so much for persevering with this to clear my name”.

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