Supervisor for children’s artistic activities cleared to work

15 June 2017

Our client works in the arts industry and has helped many children to develop via role-play and other educational but fun activities.

Our client does himself suffer from Aspergers and so has had to work harder than others to achieve any success, but 8 years ago when he was 15 he received a reprimand after intervening to save his friend who had got involved in a fight with another young man.

Thankfully after carefully reviewing his case file, speaking to witnesses, we were able to put together a sufficiently strong case to persuade Surrey Police to remove this reprimand and allow him to move on with his life.

Our client, Mr T comments “ fantastic, you have changed my life”

If you received a please reprimand when you were younger and find that this is prejudicing your career please contact David on (0161) 278 2626 advising him briefly as to your concerns and for his free and confidential initial advice on the prospects of clearing your name and the way forward

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